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Superior Leaf Sprung Track Corrected Chromoly Diamond Diff Housing Suitable For Toyota Landcruiser 79 Series (Non VSC and VSC Models)

BrandSuperior Engineering
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Superior Leaf Sprung Track Corrected Chromoly Diamond Diff Housing Suitable For Toyota Landcruiser 79 Series (Non VSC and VSC Models)

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NOTE: These diffs are not compatible with fitment of sway bars


  • Chromoly 13.5mm wall housing tubes that are 830 MPA average tensile strength where our competition uses 6mm mild steel 350 grade that is 350MPA , meaning just in the tubes alone a Superior Engineering housing is at least double the strength over our competitors.
    FEA tests were completed at 15 tonne load, they only deflect the housing <1mm, 15 tonne destroys our competitions diff housings.
  • We are the only manufacturer using 90mm axle tubes, all other companies are using a smaller 80mm axle tube. 
    Because we use a 90mm axle tube this also greatly increases the overall strength of the housing to resist bending from loading or impact.
  • Our diamond diff comes standard with 6mm chromoly 830 MPA plate , it has a further 4mm added to the rear of the housing and underneath the housing which eliminates the need of any further diff protection.
  • We have more ground clearance than our competitors because we used  larger tubes and a wider overall diamond this meant we did not have weld additional gusseting underneath the diff housing unlike other manufacturers do.
  • Overall width of the diamond is wider, this mean's we have a masive amount more structural integrity and strength, we have additional gussets inside the diamond to also help with overall strength.
  • We are the only manufacturer that uses 300M axles made from RCV who manufactures the world toughest axles.
    These axles are the same material and hardening used in Ultra4 race cars, trophy trucks as well as an array of offroad weapons in the USA and around the world, and they are at supplied at no extra cost .
  • The RCV axles are attached to the housing using a billet 4340 drive plate. Factory axles are prone to breaking once a wheel bearing becomes loose, because we use a drive plate this stops the fatigue caused and allows a stronger axle assembly.
  • Our Diff upgrades kits come standard powder coat, they also avilable colour coded at no extra cost, unlike other companies
  • We supply Bis 80 High Clearance U-Bolt plates standard with our diff replacements, this gives you even more ground clearance then our competitors at no extra cost.
  • The replacement housing is built with factory dimensioned 4140 chromoly spindles, this allows you to retain all your factory brakes and bearings.
  • The factory sway bar locations are retained on the Replacement housing 
  • The chromoly housing accepts factory locked or unlocked third members
  • World strongest Housing to suit the 70 series landcruisers , FEA tests showed 15 tonne applied to the housing had a minute flex of 3mm , FEA testing of our  competitions housings  showed failure at 15 tonne.

Kit Includes

  • Superior Track Corrected Diamond Diff Housing
  • RCV 300m Axles
  • Drive Plate with Caps
  • Billet Steel U-bolt Plates


Instructions: Fitting the replacement chromoly housing is very easy and takes only a few hours. Using a workshop manual remove the factory housing as instructed and replace with the new housing , the axles and drive plates replace the original axle assembly . You retain your factory diff centre and all your factory brake assembly.

RCV Axles used in Superior Diamond Diff Housings

Superior Flange on Diff Housing Installation

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