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AmadaXtreme Explorer11 2 Inch Lift Shock Absorber Suitable For Toyota Landcruiser 80/105 Series Rear

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This is a rear AmadaXtreme Explorer11 Shock Absorber Suitable For Toyota Landcruiser 80/105 Series with a " inch lift.

Superior Engineering is the proud Australian distributor for the race proven AMADAXTREME shock absorbers and suspension components.

AMADAXTREME shocks have been fitted for over 10 years to some of the fastest and toughest 4wd's in Thailand, Malaysia, china and now Australia. They boast many podium wins in many countries and now Australia is now seeing some of those podium finishes. In 2008 The Australian Outback challenge was won with AMADAXTREME shocks, as well as competitions such as Tough Tracks, Battle of the States and Coopers Rally Cross in 2011.

The shocks feature a race proven 46mm bore with a 52mm outer case finished in a beautiful Painted finish. AMADAXTREME has even gone the extra step and incorporated the best seal on the market, the "HALLITE SEAL" if you have a shock with these fitted you know you have one piece of serious gear.

The piston is the digressive style that will give you an excellent low speed bleed and helps flow the high speed and low speed together extremely well, (basically you have a soft shock that handles excellent when pushed hard).

Unlike most shock manufacturers AMADAXTREME has gone further and incorporated the best materials into their shocks, they have even used the solid S45C centre less ground bar for the piston rod to ensure the super strong shaft can handle anything you can dish out, then to finish off an already great part they have flash chromed it to ensure extra- long seal and shaft life!

Only for Australia AMADAXTREME has manufactured the new swivel fitting that makes fitting of the shocks in all applications so much easier, no more worrying that the high pressure line is not in the exact angle you wanted it, the fitting will rotate a complete 360 degrees.

The remote reservoir has a 52mm case chrome finished with the 46mm bore also incorporating the Teflon piston wear band. An ultra-high pressure rubber line covered in chrome braid for added strength and durability. For the owner of these awesome shocks a Schrader valve has been fitted to enable the easy regassing of the shock if ever needed. AMADAXTREME shocks are fully serviceable, re-buildable, and tuneable and we have the full range of spares available in Australia. If you own a tough 4wd or a show piece you owe it to yourself and your family to have these as part of your 4wd!

Price is per shock (1 only).

Super strong billet machined alloy eyes

Super strong billet machined alloy eyes fitted with rubber bushes.

These fittings are and if ever damaged they can be replaced.

External bump stops are fitted

External bump stops are fitted from factory to help stop harsh bottoming out of the shock.

Pin fittings also incorporate a machined top pin to help hold the shock shaft when tightening.

Schrader valves are used to enable easy refilling

Schroeder valves are used to enable easy refilling of the nitrogen chamber if needed.

360 degree swivel fitting

AmadaXtreme has designed a 360 degree swivel fitting to help with the fitting of these shocks

The fitting swivels through a full 360 degrees of rotation while still maintaining a full gas pressure seal.

S45C centerless ground solid bar S45C centerless ground solid baris used to ensure a competition spec shaft in these shocks, Just to be better than the competition they have flash chromed the shaft!
remote reservoir the shock can resist oil fade

By utilizing a remote reservoir the shock can resist oil fade for much longer than a conventional or foam cell shock.

180mm of strut adjustment

For vehicles that utilize struts, AmadaXtreme usually allows around 180mm of strut adjustment.

This is a lot more than any other manufacturer.

Also utilizing twin locking nuts and billet CNC machined coil hats.

race proven 46mm bore

AmadaXtreme uses the race proven 46mm bore for their Explorer11 shock range.

2.75mm Wall thickness gives it an OD of 52mm, thats more than adequate for offroad race trucks.

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Vehicle Information
Lift Height 0-2 inch