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Superior Chromoly Upper Control Arms Suitable For Toyota Hilux

BrandSuperior Engineering
Product ID26933

$990.00  (Pair)

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Superior Upper Control Arms Toyota Hilux

Now includes our Gen 2 Billet Taper Adaptors

NOTE: We recommend the use of a Teflon based spray when lubricating the UCA's ball joints, the use of other grease can reduce the performance of the arms and cause Binding and premature wear.

Lifetime Warranty

These Upper Control Arms (UCA's) from Superior Engineering are designed Suitable For Toyota Hilux, Toyota Prado and FJ Cruiser.

These upper control arms are designed to correct the balljoint angle when you lift your vehicle over 2" of lift.

We have also allowed clearance for the coil to clear the arms during articulation and strengthened the whole unit over the standard parts.

These arms are made in Australia by Superior Engineering Suitable For needs on the Australian market.

Made from 38.1mm OD Heavy wall 4130 Chromoly tube, and then powder coated in a hard wearing silver finish.

Made In Australia

We use durable poly bushes at the chassis end, and we use the highest quality FK bearing joints at the wheel end allow for the maximum range of movement with out binding.

All moving joints are greasable for a long service life.


Video Transcription

Hi I am Mick from Superior Engineering.

And today I would like to talk to you about our new upper control arms for the current models of Toyota Vigo, Toyota Prado 120 150, the FJ Cruiser and your 200 Series.

These are the upper control arms here, otherwise known as you UCA's in some other countries like the U.S.

Basically they are made out of a chrome molly steel.

We've got an FK chrome molly ball joint that we insert inside of here.

Now the reason we do that, like the factory OE arm doesn't have the flex in the actual ball joint for when you lift the vehicle.

There's a couple of problems a standard arm has when you go and put like a say a three inch lift in one of these vehicles.

The first as you can see with our arms we got so much clearance in behind here.

Now these Profender struts in here, if that was a factory OE arm, like this arm here.

This distance is a lot, it's a lot different shape in through here.

So what would be happening, it would be down and that would actually be hitting the coil.

Now that causes a clunking noise while you're driving.

So if you do have a lifted Vigo or Prado and your experiencing this clunking noise while you're driving that's probably why.

You're probably running factory OE arm and causing you problems.

What it does as it comes down it will jam on one of the winds of the coil and it's quite annoying.

The second thing is with an OE arm you've got a pressed in rubber bush here.

Now as you can imagine that if you clamp that up tight and that's holding that there.

So that wants to resist any sort of travel.

What we do in these aftermarket ones, a bolt runs all the way through and we actually have got poly bushes in there with a crush bar.

Normally in four wheel drives, we don't think polly's are a great thing and that's our personal opinion, but in this it's great.

Because it actually allows the arm to go up and down very smoothly, so that's going to make your suspension a lot more smooth.

We've got multiple grease points there.

The polly's are suitable for grease. We use a suitable grease and you lubricate it in through the back so its going to allow that.

The FK ball joint has a greasable point there.

On the arm over here where the ABS line it's got a proper attachment point there. So all of your ABS lines are all safe.

Now the FK joints that we use, there a big chrome molly joint.

Heaps of beef in those when you compare them to a little factory ball joint.

When that boot comes off, that's a tiny little joint there and you don't get much travel out of those joints. Where these will go a lot more travel.

As I said earlier their made from chrome molly steel so strength is way over what a factory one is.

Finished in a nice powder coat.

But if you're worried about the appearance, some people might go on about that doesn't look like an OE part.

We can supply them black if needed, but generally silver is the colour.

In here is a little dust cap that's pressed in by a little CIR clip.

That's easily removable and the ball joints replaceable.

With a grease nipple there you can keep that lubricated up and you will have years of life for that ball joint and it is a replaceable part if needed.

Now the Superior Engineering upper control arms are fairly easy to fit.

Basically it's just one big bolt just running through the back and you've got this assembly in here.

So fitting them is actually quite easy.

It's just a matter of as you would normally remove the strut, you would take the strut out so all the weights off out of here.

Undoing the bolt. Sometimes you might need to take an air cleaner out or a battery depending on the set up of your vehicle.

Removing that bolt, there's not cutting, no modifying or anything like that.

So you're probably talking maybe two hours to fit a set of these and you're up and going.

They do also assist in wheel alignment. You do tend to find that when you go and put a 3 or 4 inch lift in these vehicles or even a two inch lift your wheel alignment starts going to the maximum.

The wheel alignment has been factored into these and actually brings a wheel back into a better placement so you're not going to wear your tyres as bad and the things are going to control properly and handle properly.

Those combined with a great shock in the front, there is no reason you can't have a 3 or 4 inch lift in these vehicles and the thing just drives safely and smooth.

For more information on these upper control arms you can talk to the sales guys at work or jump online at www.superiorengineering.com.au

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